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  • I’ve updated my comments whitelist for a few of you newer commenters. It only works is you provide an email address and a URL that I’ve whitelisted, however. Upshot? Feel free to comment without providing a URL — just know that your comment will be placed in the moderation queue and may take awhile to appear depending on my access to email.
  • Been receiving quite an uptick in comment spam lately, which may have something to do with my guest-posting last week at Pesky’Apostrophe. Boo hiss.
  • This may be my last post ever, as my cobbled-together lunch included the remains of a tuna melt that I got for lunch yesterday but didn’t consume in one sitting then refrigerate owing to a ridiculous meeting schedule. Upshot: it wound up sitting on my desk for a few hours. You may well ask, “Why risk becoming violently ill?” — but only if you’ve never experienced the toe-curling pleasure of a tuna melt from Emma’s. We shall see.
  • Yesterday evening I had spur-of-the-moment drinks with my boss and another coworker. I felt pretty guilty for leaving Doug in the lurch dinnerwise. I honestly thought it would be a one-drink-and-home-by-7:00 in time to make some dinner, but we ended up staying at the bar until 8:30. I tried to make amends by picking up a Quornocopia of vegematarian meals and snacks on the way home. The thing I’m still getting used to, after two-plus years of living together: he is just so ridiculously cool. I am very lucky.
  • This? Made me sort of feel less alone in my conflicto-vision.
  • I sent my mother a little email yesterday containing a link to the latest Firefox update page — just a, “Hey, you might want to download this new version, since it has some security and stability updates — and your bookmarks and extensions won’t be affected.” She sent me back an email that, when I read it upon getting to work this morning, choked me up in the biggest way. The upshot was that I’d “opened up a whole new world” for her by being a jerkface browser snob and insisting that she ditch IE.
  • OK, and speaking of inappropriate tears, did anyone else watch the Season Cycle 5 premiere of “America’s Next Top Model”? I was kind of in heaven for two hours as contestants sent in their crappy videotapes, cried, met Tyra, cried, discussed health and home-life problems, broke the waterproof mascara levees with makeup-dissolving tears, made statements like, “I’ve never met a full-blown lesbian!”, threw public tantrums about not being able to locate the Chapstick aisele at the supermarket, and swore that they were destined to become the next Cover Girl. I admit that I have a fairly substantial crush on Kim, the lesbian in question, though my gut feeling says she’s going to go the way of Cycle 1’s Elise Sewell for being too smart to last. (I found out today that someone I work with knew Kim in college. Good thing I am a consummate professional and would never try to milk an alumni email address or something.) Jayla, the rebellious Jehovah’s Witness, is mildy intriguing as well, though she could end up being a preachy prissy type that we’ve seen so much before. Friends and elsewise have tried to abrade my enthusiasm for this, the greatest reality show ever filmed, but I won’t be swayed. I’ll even stay intrigued despite the radical substitution on the judging panel of polite and friendly Twiggy for eldritch and possibly possessed Janice Dickinson.

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