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Saturday, first snow

Published on 31 October 2005

Things I did yesterday:

Drank delicious organic, shade-grown coffee, which I bought in my local subway station. The guy who sold it to me the other day held the bag to my nose and said, “Smell this! Isn’t it great? You’re gonna love this coffee.” He was right.
Took some photos of the pretty snow that fell […]


Published on 26 October 2005

Guess who missed the Kelly Link/Barry Yourgrau reading last night — because it took place Monday night? The newsletter D. got from Small Beer Press gave the wrong date.


Published on 25 October 2005

OK, so the only notable detail I recall from last night’s dreams was attending the verrrrry casual (read: filthy hippie) wedding reception at the home of a couple we didn’t even know. We were waiting for our friends Ted and Teresa to arrive, and it was awkward. We didn’t know a soul. I held a […]

I don’t know, I’ve never dumpled

Published on

Not a whole lot of import to relay. It’s wicked blustery and yet another umbrella has been snapped by a Nor’easter. This is the third one in the past year. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a Gust-Buster.
It seems autumn has been cancelled here in New England. I’d been looking forward to October most of […]

Fairly warned be thee, says I

Published on 21 October 2005

Just so y’all know: if you mention poker, or Merrill’s shoes, or ringtones, or any permutation of the word “holdem,” your comment will never ever see the light of day.
The Villainous One and I will figure out a more elegant antispam solution at some point, when he doesn’t have work flooding into his brainpan so […]