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OK, so the only notable detail I recall from last night’s dreams was attending the verrrrry casual (read: filthy hippie) wedding reception at the home of a couple we didn’t even know. We were waiting for our friends Ted and Teresa to arrive, and it was awkward. We didn’t know a soul. I held a beat-up looking doll in the hopes that one of the scraggly looking kids would talk to me. The groom was passing out ice-filled flutes of Franzia Champagne-in-a-Box. It was, not surprisingly, awful.

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  1. amysue says:

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    Stumbled on your blog through the SP6 site and was quickly nostalgic for Porter Sq. I owned a place on Upland Rd for 20 years and although it’s been 10 years, I miss it every day! I am mesmerized by Kelly Link’s writing and hope the reading went well, it’s good to hear that Porter Sq has a bookstore again.

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