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Cool knitting roundup

Published on 21 October 2005

These ought to motivate me to finish the languishing baby sweater project so I can start something new and fun. I’m dying to cast something on with the lovely yarn from my Secret Pal!

Artists erect giant pink bunny on mountain.
Dawn of the Knitted Dead.
A cuddly robot may not harm a human being, or, through inaction, […]

Secret Pal update

Published on 20 October 2005

In happier news, I received a marvelous package from my Secret Pal! It must have been delivered yesterday, but it was so dark when I got home, I didn’t see it on the porch — Doug discovered it on his way out the door. (Click the photo to embiggen.) My pal included much candy of […]

I might have to buy him a suit of armor

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Yesterday I started to wonder if working outside the house might not be such a great thing for The Villainous One. First, he some trollop hit on him while he was waiting for the bus — despite his having dropped the word “girlfriend” into the conversation early on, she still tried to give him her […]

I do not like you, Spam I Am

Published on 18 October 2005

The comment spam that’s been besieging me for the past month or two has significantly increased in the past few days, and by “significantly increased” I mean “begun to drive me batshit crazy, with the ringtones and the casinos and the home loans oh glavin.”
I’m wondering how other WordPress users deal with the issue beyond […]


Published on 17 October 2005

When I was a preschooler I had two imaginary friends, a sister and brother named Ausica and Ocho. They were so small no one could see them (except me, of course). Their main occupation was to travel around the world, and they would periodcially visit and tell me about their destinations: Spain, Ohio, Zanzibar, you […]