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Saturday, first snow

Things I did yesterday:

  • Drank delicious organic, shade-grown coffee, which I bought in my local subway station. The guy who sold it to me the other day held the bag to my nose and said, “Smell this! Isn’t it great? You’re gonna love this coffee.” He was right.
  • Took some photos of the pretty snow that fell steadily in great cottony clumps all afternoon.
  • Finished knitting the iPod cozy I started Thursday. My first (successful) intarsia!
  • Downloaded and installed Open Office and the Gimp. I also finally figured out the deal with X11 — I’d needed to install it from the OS X DVD that came with my iBook, rather than downloading various wannabes and also-rans. Ranted a bit about the semi-incomprehensibility of the documentation that accompanies many open source applications.
  • Went to the grocery. Was crowded, the usual Saturday madness, and awfully Midwestern in line at the checkout: a very friendly woman chatted up the Somerville firefighter in line behind me — she loves the snow, he’s not so thrilled by it. “Oh, but it’s so pretty! And my kids love it. They go sledding, snowboarding. If it’s going to be winter anyway, it might as well snow. I hope we get a lot this winter!” The woman ahead of me kept turning back and smiling at them and at me, finally piping up, “I like the snow, too!” I averred that it was a lot easier to like it since I don’t have to drive in it or dig my car out. “Oh, I know what you mean. I don’t have a car, either. And I teach kids how to ski, so . . . you gotta have snow for that!” She went on about how she was a counsellor and last year, school lasted until June 30 because of the many snow days during the preceding winter. The chatty woman behind me pointed out the firefighter’s purchase of three packages of pepperoni slices and a family-sized bag of string cheese: “Boy, you sure do like pepperoni, don’t you?”
  • Listened to This Bird Has Flown, the recent Rubber Soul tribute. Some good stuff on it, especially Low’s “Nowhere Man” and Dar Williams’s “You Won’t See Me.” Also painful versions of “Norwegian Wood” by the Fiery Furnaces and Sufjan Stevens’s “What Goes On.”
  • Made a vegematarian shepherd’s pie, the perfect comfort food for a frosty evening. Doug’s band played a show in Hyannis last night.
  • Played Flying Snake with Theo while half-watching the “Daily Show” DVD set covering the Democratic and Republican conventions last year.

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