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Big slack attack

Published on 28 November 2005

Hokay, it’s now 27 days until Christmas, but a whole heck of a lot fewer before shipped things will miss their targets. And this is bad, especially so because during my Big Lazy Thanksgiving Week Off, I got zero holiday shopping done. I didn’t even get cards or wrapping paper in a vain attempt to […]


Published on 23 November 2005

Updated to note: I deleted and recreated this post in the hope that WordPress won’t try any funny stuff this time.
Apparently, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the trial ecto blogging application I downloaded the other day — I wasn’t supposed to have posted the last dull-as-dirt entry (times two), but since Terri commented […]


Published on 21 November 2005

I’ve been a real loser when it comes to updating lately, but you really haven’t missed out on anything. Promise.
I’m meeting up with Tomoko and Teresa this evening for half-price dinner at Johnny D’s tonight. I hope there’s not some Blueshammer-type band scheduled for tonight.
Halloween came and went with the barest ripple in the […]

The return of Eggplant Mike

Published on 18 November 2005

I keep forgetting to mention how delighted I was to see that Spamusement featured sequels to one of my favorites:

The original: you are so good to me eggplant mike
The reprise: Stop ignoring me
The plot thickens: MASSAGE FROM SULLY

Eggplant Mike simultaneously elicits sympathy and creeps me out. I wonder if I could knit my very own […]

Knitted wedding

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Via Doug:
Craftiness to the extreme.