Best My Life as a Cover Girl EVER

Just when you thought that poor Naima’s gig as ANTM Cycle 4 winner couldn’t get any lamer (touring the Cover Girl lipstick factory in Baltimore? Amaaaaaazing!), she gets to tell some poor schlubs at a Walgreen’s about the life-transforming power of Wetslicks.

And as much as I hate the diaper-wetting, Courtney Love-aping Lisa, I had to admit I let out a little gasp when she was eliminated last night. She may be old and oogly, but her photos are consistently good, and she had a decent range.

OK, still recovering from having to get up at 5:30 two mornings in a row plus staying too out late to marvel at Andrew Bird’s musicianship Tuesday (for actual, evocative reviews and photos, see Terri and Ezra’s writeups) plus spending two evenings and several yards of yarn trying to master DPNs (by George, I think I got it — after at least 10 or 12 failed attempts). Am tired. Good night.

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