Big slack attack

Hokay, it’s now 27 days until Christmas, but a whole heck of a lot fewer before shipped things will miss their targets. And this is bad, especially so because during my Big Lazy Thanksgiving Week Off, I got zero holiday shopping done. I didn’t even get cards or wrapping paper in a vain attempt to feel like I am ahead of things. I did do plenty of knitting, and am fairly close to being finished with two gift projects. I had many nights of restorative sleep, and I watched a bunch of DVDs, I played with a bunch of cats, and I read a bunch of RSSed items that’ve been piling up in my reader (including close to 300 Boing Boing posts — dag!). But it wasn’t exactly what you’d call a productive stretch.

Thanksgiving itself was faintly marred by my own stupidity and sort of a driftiness. See, the night before we had drinks and dinner with Terri and Ezra, ostensibly so they could give us keys so we could feed their cats while they’re visiting family for the holiday. And even though I had been craving a good burger for days, I opted for a salad with grilled chicken — which couldn’t hope to balance out the many glasses of wine I drank. I woke up late Thanksgiving morning feeling depleted and toxic, long past the little imaginary dinner party they air every year on “Morning Edition” that makes me happy when I hear it. Doug got some consulting work done during the day while I very slowly worked my way up to showering and starting to make the dishes I’d promised to bring to Ted and Teresa’s that evening.

We took a break around 2:00 to head over to Terri and Ezra’s house. I was glad I had a partner to help me feed their cats as well as their upstairs neighbors’: the cats were ravenous and adamant about getting their chow on NOW, and it took some coordination to make sure the right ones got the right food, that the right one consumed his medicine.

When we got home at 3:30, I kicked into cooking overdrive to make oyster dressing and corn pudding. We ended up at Teresa and Ted’s house about an hour later than we’d hoped to arrive, but everyone was still drinking champagne and snacking. They even saved me a tiny chorizo empanada, the dears. Dinner itself was amazing, as always, and I got a lot of compliments on the dishes I brought. But somehow the day lacked any special holiday feeling. I don’t know if I felt guilty for not visiting family, if the annual dinner with friends has gotten a wee bit tired, if I miss cooking the entire meal myself, or if the hangover sucked all the vitality from the day.

We managed to buy nothing on Buy Nothing Day, though more from a hatred of shopping in general than an anticonsumerist stance on my part. I found out from my mom that an aunt and cousin had queued up at 5:00 a.m. at Wal-Mart. Is there anything more depressing-sounding?

If I get a chance or need to continue procrastinating, I want to write up mini-reviews of the two excellent DVDs we watched over the weekend.

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  1. 2fs says:

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    We didn’t quite succeed in buying nothing on Buy Nothing Day - although that was nearly by chance, as we went to the art museum and happened to see an ideal gift for my mother. But supporting an art museum is a lot dif from buying crap from Mall*Wart, isn’t it? Oh, and we ate dinner at a Thai restaurant. I am so evil.

  2. Terri says:

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    I hope the kitties didn’t tax you too much–they give you top marks for kitty care, by the way. We are all super thankful for the help, and we will make it up to you–promise! (And thanks for graciously ignoring the state of our place.)

    I’m feeling a bit behind on holiday prep as well. I have “real” work to attend to, and at the moment it just seems to be standing in the way of my “real” life. Must arrange priorities. Must arrange priorities. Must arrange priorities.

  3. Ezra says:

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    Have we mentioned that that cute little wonton you knit for the kitties has become Edie’s new favorite toy? She LOOOOOVES it. I don’t think it’s quite replaced the bear (because she hasn’t left it as an offering at the foot of our bed yet). But it’s pretty close!

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