Updated to note: I deleted and recreated this post in the hope that WordPress won’t try any funny stuff this time.

Apparently, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the trial ecto blogging application I downloaded the other day — I wasn’t supposed to have posted the last dull-as-dirt entry (times two), but since Terri commented on one of them, I guess it has to stay.

I spent much of the weekend and my vacation so far doing a ton of knitting (photos to follow after the holidays), planning my next couple of projects, and continuing the quest for the elusive sew-on googly eye. (Mission finally accomplished, after bombing at Pearl and Windsor Button — thank you, eBay.) Doug and I had dinner with Ted and Teresa Saturday at The Paddock, Somerville’s premier equine-themed bar and restaurant. I’d been there once before with a bunch of cheeky ironic hipsters, but this time was much better. We had the world’s nicest waitress, and Teresa had the world’s largest calzone, which got a big laugh when the waitress ceremoniously flipped open a tray stand and set the seven-pound sesame seed–studded behemoth before us.

I also ended up wishing many times over the weekend that I’d had the foresight to charge my camera battery — the interior of The Paddock alone deserves several photos, as did the little kid on the T whose mother had slapped several dozen stickers from some expo or other all over his khaki pants and jacket.

Last night, I made carrot-ginger soup and a couple of pans of cornbread, one of which will find its way into the oyster dressing I’m making for Thanksgiving. Did some grocery shopping today and bought a new pair of gloves. I could get used to this domestic pace, I think. (Either that, or my penchant for blogs by stay-at-home moms has corrupted my will to work.

3 Responses to “Ephemera/effluvium”

  1. em says:

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    so speaking of pathetic, I googled myself today and up popped me on your blog. 0.o

    I haven’t thought about black hairy tongue in ages and ages. ahhh, good times, eh? :-DD

  2. Editrix says:

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    Hey Em! Nice to hear from you and discover your blog. Good readin’, and it makes me miss NJ a bit.

    One pleasant and unintentional side effect of writing that post about friends I miss has been rediscovering them when they search on their names and say hey.

    p.s. Anyone who says that they don’t self-Google is a damn liar!

  3. em says:

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    ha, a girl’s gotta google herself every once and a while.

    I can’t find an email here–would you drop me an e? i’d love to catch up with you and hear about summa those other folks too.

  4. em says:

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    ok, once *in* a while. Ima lousy editor…

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