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Best My Life as a Cover Girl EVER

Published on 18 November 2005

Just when you thought that poor Naima’s gig as ANTM Cycle 4 winner couldn’t get any lamer (touring the Cover Girl lipstick factory in Baltimore? Amaaaaaazing!), she gets to tell some poor schlubs at a Walgreen’s about the life-transforming power of Wetslicks.
And as much as I hate the diaper-wetting, Courtney Love-aping Lisa, I had to […]

Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot!

Published on 14 November 2005

I finished my knitted robot tonight, courtesy of the amazingly gifted designer Jess Hutchinson. Seriously, you should order her pamphlet and knit a dozen of each of her toys.
So now you know how I spent my weekend, aside enjoying the mind-blowingly great fall feast hosted by Terri and Ezra.
Must brush teeth and get some […]

This is why I don’t play the lottery

Published on

I took Veteran’s Day off as my floating holiday, and when I got to the office this morning I had a from Quiznos Sub [sic] telling me that my business card had been drawn from the fishbowl and I could claim my free lunch tomorrow. Of course, I’ll be working off-site all day tomorrow and […]

A little reminder

Published on 12 November 2005

Tomorrow is Internet Advertiser Wakeup Day. I’ll be registering with fake information on 10 registration-required sites. Segment that!

One hand

Published on 8 November 2005

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about people in my life whom I haven’t been such a good friend to. Tauruses are supposed to have two main traits: stubbornness and loyalty (the latter of which could be a positive side effect of the former — I’m not sure). I can’t say I’m an exemplary Zodiacal […]