Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot!

knitted robotI finished my knitted robot tonight, courtesy of the amazingly gifted designer Jess Hutchinson. Seriously, you should order her pamphlet and knit a dozen of each of her toys.

So now you know how I spent my weekend, aside enjoying the mind-blowingly great fall feast hosted by Terri and Ezra.

Must brush teeth and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be an early and a long day, and I’m looking forward to some robot dreams.

7 Responses to “Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot! Robot!”

  1. Cyn says:

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    He is super cute! Yay for robots!

  2. Editrix says:

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    Thanks, Cyn! The intarsia part is slightly wonky, but I can imagine that it’s probably just some complex circuitry necessary for his advanced faux intelligence. I’m hoping that the next bot’s is a bit more even.

  3. Terri says:

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    He looks fine to me–very cute, in fact! I think we knitters see imperfections in our own work that the rest of the world (including many other knitters) would never see unless they were looking really hard. Heh–at least, I hope others don’t see (or ignore?) all the wiggles and “creative solutions” in my knitting! It’s a part of the charm of handknitting. A slight imperfection is a reminder of lots of hard work and happy stitching.

  4. amysue says:

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    Too cute! I started one last night!

  5. Editrix says:

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    Thank you! Amysue, please let me know when you finish — I want to see pictures! :)

  6. wondertwin says:

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    Sasha fell madly in love with this robot after I showed her the photo today. She’s been robot-crazy for a while now, and she’s clearly a big fan of your work.

  7. Editrix says:

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    Golly, I guess I know what Sasha might like for Hanukkah! (Or if my knitting suffers a holiday meltdown, her birthday for sure.) You totally made my day, which considering my day wasn’t the most difficult thing to do. But it still makes me happy to think of Sasha playing with robots. A girl after my own heart! (There are a few more photos at on Flickr.

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