This is why I don’t play the lottery

I took Veteran’s Day off as my floating holiday, and when I got to the office this morning I had a from Quiznos Sub [sic] telling me that my business card had been drawn from the fishbowl and I could claim my free lunch tomorrow. Of course, I’ll be working off-site all day tomorrow and Wednesday, so I won’t be able to cash in. My inability to win things — or at least to claim the prize I’ve won — continues.

2 Responses to “This is why I don’t play the lottery”

  1. Sue says:

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    The prize is only good for ONE DAY? What a rip-off!!!

  2. 2fs says:

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    The mystery of “Quiznos Sub” deepens, with the frankly frightening lacuna at the heart of your sentence. Whatever it was you had from Quiznos Sub, it was evidently so terrifying that you could not even name it. I think I’m staying the hell away. Maybe “sub” means “subinfernal” or something, and the message is that we are not to quiz the subinfernal. Ours is not to reason why; ours to stuff our face and die.

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