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Resolution: devote more time to writing

Published on 31 December 2005

From the redoubtable Alice Bradley:
Today I made the mistake of reading an interview between Paul Auster and Jonathan Lethem, and they were talking about the five or six hours each day they devote to their writing, how satisfying it was to have SO MUCH time to write! Devoting those hours to their Art infuses the […]

Brokehead Mountain

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So yesterday I called Teresa to say merry Christmas, and she invited me to join her and Jessica for a gay cowboy matinee in Harvard Square. (Teresa’s husband had no interest: “Come on, I saw Midnight Cowboy, what do you want?”) No way could I pass up that offer, and I figured I could while […]

I link because I love

Published on 29 December 2005

Not for the faint of stomach, but here are some odd animal-vegetable mashups I stumbled upon.

This year’s holiday theme: no chocolate left behind

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Hoo boy, have I been lazy or what? And I have five more days of same to look forward to.
I promised myself that I’d do more today than eat the fancy chocolates in my stocking (the organic Dagoba flavored with crystallized ginger and chai spices is especially toothsome) and watch Lonely Island videos and play […]

Oh, happy Christmas and bright Hanukkah!

Published on 25 December 2005

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day, full of your favorite people and foods, surprise gifts, great music, and maybe a cat with a bow stuck to its head. Me, I get to listen to Mr. Pathetic singing “You’re All I Want for Christmas” on one of Steve’s festive mixtapes from a few years […]