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Happy Shrove Tuesday to you . . .

Published on 28 February 2006

. . . and happy blurghyversary to me. Today marks the Leather Anniversary of this journal. Ooh la la.
I’d originally thought I’d finish up one of the difficult posts I’ve been cudding for the past several months in honor of the three-year mark, but I shot my wad commenting on Dooce’s five-year anniversary post (me […]

Nobody likes a whiner

Published on 23 February 2006

But really, y’all, I don’t see how in any remotely just universe I could be sick AGAIN. I hadn’t even gotten rid of the cough that’s been my closest companion since January, but I knew the signs weren’t good Monday night, when I crawled under the duvet and couldn’t get warm while little gnomes drove […]

Hollow day weekend

Published on 21 February 2006

It wasn’t altogether great, since Doug’s been getting further under the bad, fevery, can’t-hear-out-of-one-ear weather, and I might as well still be smoking seeing how I can’t shake this deep, bronchii-bruising cough. I’ve been sleeping a lot, and consequently have had some especially vivid dreams: ones where tooth upon tooth falls out over the course […]

The tyranny of cords

Published on 16 February 2006

I know I haven’t posted anything about the amazingly rad show we saw Valentine’s evening by the Undertow Orchestra (David Bazan, Mark Eitzel, Vic Chesnutt, Will Johnson, and a very talented guy on keyboards and violin who I swear looked like Dan Pussey from where we were sitting), but that’s mainly because I did something […]

Porter Square Books incident in local press

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I suppose five days later is better than nothing. The article gives a bit more detail about the cause of the crash.
Four injured on coffee break
Cambridge Chronicle, February 16, 2005