Crash update

The good folks at Porter Square Books have posted an update on their website.

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  1. Dave Stallard says:

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    I was seated at the rightmost chair of the counter along the wall, looking out the window. The blinds were partially drawn, so I couldn’t see everything. I saw a pole on the sidewalk folding down, almost as if it were in slow motion. I thought, oh, some idiot knocked the pole over. Before I had time to complete that thought, the SUV came surging through, shattering the glass and smashing the wall. It seemed like it was accelerating; I thought I heard the engine gunning. I thought, “Oh my God, this is just like what you read about in the newspapers; are we all going to be killed?”. Everything was being pushed backward, the counter, everything. I fell, or jumped back, I don’t which. The SUV came to rest, some feet away from me to my left, and my first thought was, “My God, I dodged the bullet again”. (I was in that ski bus rollover accident in Vermont four years ago, but in which a man was almost killed and was left permanently brain damaged, so it was bit of deja vu, unfortunately)

    I was unscathed, except for some minor glass cuts on my left hand and wrist. I heard a woman wailing in the wreckage. I thought she was pinned or something, being crushed by the SUV. I jumped out through the now-shattered window and banged on the driver-side window of the SUV, yelling “Back up! Back up!”. He (actually I guess it was a she in large parka, or so I’m told) didn’t respond. People started yelling to call 911, and I started yelling that too, at everyone I saw. Eventually, the driver did back up, almost hitting somebody behind the vehicle. I went back inside, and saw people tending to the woman, trying to speak soothingly to her. She was lying on the ground next to the display case.

    Eventually, after what seemed too long, frankly, but I couldn’t say for sure, the cops, fireman, and EMTs came. It took them a long time, but they got the woman out. She was conscious as she was they were wheeling her out, I know, because they were asking her where it hurt the most. My hand was bleeding a bit, and I thought my finger might have been broken, but that was all the injuries on me that I could find (you always want to check, because shock and adrenaline can mask these things). The cops had all the witnesses line up, and I gave them my statement. My jacket was still in the wreckage, and I was shivering a bit. They had me go over to the firemen to check me out. I said I didn’t need to be transported, and they had be sign a release to that effect. Some more cops helped me find my jacket. Nice guys.

    I went home, and had a rather psychologically disturbed day, but am OK now.


  2. Editrix says:

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    That sounds like it was horrifying to say the least. I’m glad you are OK and fervently hope everyone else is, too. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hylton says:

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    Totally surreal - so it was my mother that was hit the worst by the car. She’s had a rough 36 hours and is pretty banged up and has some not so fun operations and recovery ahead of her but if operations go smoothly should eventually be ok, if a bit slower.

    Hope you’re ok on your end. I’m curious to hear more - we’re headed to the Cambridge police tomorrow to see the police report which it sounds like you contributed to - would love to hear more.

    Hylton -

  4. Editrix says:

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    Hylton, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother’s injuries, and I hope she makes a full and quick recovery. Good luck.

  5. hylton says:

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    Thanks - things are looking good. Still some hurdles to clear but we’re hopeful. Thanks.

  6. Lisa Laskin says:

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    I too am relieved to learn a little more about this, since there has been such a vacuum of information. I was there with my kids, right by the front door having just finished coffee, about to leave when it happened. I had my back to the crash itself but my baby in her stroller was closer - just a few feet away. She screamed bloody murder, scared by the noise, but like the rest of us was not hurt at all. The near-miss shook me pretty badly however, and I have felt in need of more information to release this. Forgive me for going over this again - but does anyone know what happened to cause the SUV to jump a pretty sizeable curb at a decent speed - automotive malfunction, driver health event, vendetta, what?

    Good wishes to hylton’s mother and to Dave for a complete recovery.
    -Lisa Laskin

  7. Dave Stallard says:

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    I just found this link in the online version of the Cambridge Chronicle:

    Salient quote:

    “The driver, Joan Puccino, 70, of Somerville, was cited for failing to use caution when parking and negligent operation, according to police spokesman Frank Pasquarello. She was apparently parking her white Chevy Suburban in a handicapped spot in front of the store when her foot got stuck on the accelerator just before noon on Saturday.”

    I don’t know whether “cited” means a criminal trial will ensue. I certainly hope so.


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