There’s a strange mood in the air today. A blizzard is on its way, and even though the sky has been bright and blue since morning, people are out in droves buying groceries and snow shovels, stocking up on DVDs, and speculating about how much snow we’ll actually get. I admit that my mood’s been amped up by the approaching snowstorm. I love being snowed in (not owning a car is a huge relief during snow emergencies), and I decided to go out to pick some movies from Hollywood Express and a few ingredients for a vegetarian Zwiebelkuchen.

As I crossed the Porter Square Shopping Center parking lot on the way to Star Market, I saw yellow police-line tape and a crowd of people outside Porter Square Books. When I got closer and saw what had happened — a huge white SUV had smashed through the front windows of the little coffee bar area of the store, up to the windshield — I almost started to cry. There was a 911 emergency vehicle, a couple of police cruisers, and a flatbed tow truck, but no ambulances. I hope it was because no one was hurt, but it’s possible that any injured people had been already removed from the scene.

I’m worried about the well-being of the staff and patrons as well as the SUV’s driver, and I wonder if they’ll be able to seal the gaping truck-sized hole enough to prevent further damage when the storm starts.

Update: A couple of photos are on Flickr, and Universal Hub has a brief post about the incident.

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  1. Ezra says:

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    Oh, that’s awful! :( I hope they’re insured. Or that the SUV driver’s insurance pays for it. Jesus. I hope they don’t have to close. Were they open when you were there?

    Paraphrasing the barista told the guy who tried to rob the Someday CafĂ©, “why couldn’t you have gone to Starbucks?”

  2. adamg says:

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    Store says it will reopen Monday; adds that while several customers were hurt, none seemed to have serious injuries.

  3. Terri says:

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    This is just bizarre. I agree with the chorus of folks who hope this won’t cause major problems for the bookstore. It’s a nice little light in Porter Square!

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