Happy Meetiversary

Four years ago today, I met my friend Doug face-to-face for the first time when he arrived at Logan Airport. We’d known each other for several years via a mailing list devoted to the bands of a woefully underappreciated songwriter, exchanging bursts of email now and then, occasionally flirting during the weekly IRC sessions for the list, and exchanging mix tapes and CDs. We’d each been involved with various other people over the years, so things never really progressed, despite how much I liked his ideas and writing and sense of humor. Or, never progressed until his girlfriend said sayonara and I invited him to spend “Valentine’s Day, which sucks anyway” hanging out in Boston.

Truth be told, my worldly soigné mien that had seen us through countless emails, chats, and phone calls evaporated when I actually met him. He was nervous, too, which probably didn’t help matters. We spent several days seeing music (Merrie Amsterburg) and a play (”Marat/Sade” — not exactly a lighthearted romantic romp, to say the least), walking around the city, and gradually letting our guard down enough to have some really great conversations. I stuck by my resolution not to make a move on him, but it wasn’t easy. The morning he left for the airport, we hugged goodbye, and I was surprised by how badly I didn’t want it to end.

He sent me an email after he got home admitting that he had a crush on me, which threw me into a tizzy of conflicting emotions. I’d had a series of unpleasant dating experiences in the past couple of years, and the idea of a long-distance relationship — actually, any relationship — seemed fairly terrifying. My apprehension came through in a couple of email replies, and I was surprised and relieved when he eventually invited me to DC to attend a movie marathon weekend at his house in April. It was during that visit that I finally wore him down and we finally kissed. My diary from that time nearly combusted from my trying to capture how astonishingly happy he made me feel. And the miraculous thing is, the happiness just keeps expanding.

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  1. Sue says:

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    Awwww… this is so sweet! You guys are a great couple and having known doug as he endured some, uh, less than ideal relationships, I’m delighted that he found someone as cool as you are. You know, loudfans turned out to be a pretty good matchmaker.

  2. Ezra says:

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    Suit yourself, but musical numbers like “What good’s a revolution without general copulation?” are like the very arrows of cupid for me.

    Seriously, you kids are so sweet and I raise a mug of tea in honor of your meeting.

  3. 2fs says:

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    Thank you for further brightening my already pretty bright Valentine’s Day. Okay, not as bright cuz I have to be at work, but still…

  4. Terri says:

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    Damn. I love these stories. Yes, you two are very sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. debbie says:

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    aw, you’re making me all misty-eyed! i remember the beginnings of your relationship, and how much dave and i (prolly all the feckless beasties, now that i think about it) hoped that doug would find happiness with someone as awesome as you. *sniff* and NOW look at you two! perfect. happy valentine’s day, kids! xo!

  6. Editrix says:

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    You all are so nice! As Strangemen drummer Johnny Odd used to be so fond of saying, “Let love rule!”

  7. Janet says:

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    Wow! What a beautiful story for a day that I gather no longer sucks anyway. You & doug are a wonderful team. Congratulations on this lovely anniversary and congrats also on enduring the LDR part. I speak from experience when I call LDRs so frkn tedious, that lasting them out until the together-forever part ought to earn every couple who manages that a real happy forever togetherness. Hey, and props to you and me for convincing our sweeties to relocate to us, respectively!

  8. Flasshe says:

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    Happy Dougamiversary! It’s always good to see two friends find each other, and you two are great together.

  9. Flasshe says:

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    Okay, the Captcha I got on that last one was “36DD”, which was a little strange to see, especially on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe that’s just where my mind is at.

  10. Editrix says:

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    Wait Flasshe, you got a captcha? I wonder if my Spam Karma kicked in when it saw you coming . . . very strange, especially so because you’re whitelisted. Stupid confusers!

  11. Flasshe says:

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    I only got the Kind-a-Captcha on the first one. For the second one, it seems to have recognized me.

    All blogs should assume I’m spam…

  12. Paula says:

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    Hey, somehow I missed this entry, but really loved reading it belatedly, after others got to chime in with their testimonials. I am fascinated by what keeps some couples together. If you have any tips, share ‘em!

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