Happy Shrove Tuesday to you . . .

. . . and happy blurghyversary to me. Today marks the Leather Anniversary of this journal. Ooh la la.

I’d originally thought I’d finish up one of the difficult posts I’ve been cudding for the past several months in honor of the three-year mark, but I shot my wad commenting on Dooce’s five-year anniversary post (me and more than 1,300 other people), so. Sorry.

Anyway. How was your weekend? Mine was super-fabulous, involving crafty machinations that I can’t reveal, as they involve a surprise for some people . . . delicious Moosewood macaroni and cheese on a bitter-cold day . . . walking all around in the snow . . . beers and arugula pizza in Davis Square . . . and just feeling good and talking a lot and making dumb jokes.

Shrovey-related footnote: I got a charge out of telling one of my notoriously food-scrounging coworkers that IHOP was giving away free pancakes today. “WHAT? Why didn’t we go there for lunch?!” (There was definitely an interrobang.)

2 Responses to “Happy Shrove Tuesday to you . . .”

  1. Flasshe says:

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    Congrats heading into your 4th year in the blahgaverse. You are an inspiration to us all!

    This is not house financing-related comment spam.

  2. Editrix says:

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    Thanks, Mr. F. Though I’m disappointed that you don’t want to talk interest rates and mortgage applications!

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