Porter Square Books aftermath

I’ve been hoping to see some local-media coverage of this incident, but so far I haven’t turned up anything beyond blog posts and a few Flickr photos. I have to say, I’m grateful to those commenters who were either eyewitnesses or close to someone who was for sharing their stories.
The whole thing is distressing for its seeming utter randomness, for the fact that innocent bystanders at the cafe were hurt, and because it’s hard to see misfortunes befall a local independent business. I’ve lived in Cambridge/Somerville for nearly 10 years and have seen a lot of independent new and used bookstores disappear — from the venerable Wordsworth to the musty but charming Bookcellar. Porter Square Books adds so much to the neighborhood with its friendly, intelligent staff and frequent author events and readings. It seems that they’re determined to recover quickly — they had sealed off the broken windows and wall before yesterday’s heavy snowstorm, and they are open for business today. I’m more determined than ever not to take the store for granted.

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  1. jason says:

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    Word up. It’s good to see them bounce back. In an area whose independent-business borders have already been cracked by chain stores, it’s so important for Porter Square Books to stay healthy.

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