Recent craftiness

Scarf for JanelleLast weekend, I finally finished my long-overdue Christmas presents for the youngest Ingraham Dwyers. For Janelle, I adapted the “Butterflies Are Free” pattern from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation into something kid-sized, and instead of the somewhat dippy-looking butterfly, I fashioned a small posy. The main yarn is Berocco Plush — incredibly soft. I’m just hope that there are enough cool days left in the season that she’s actually able to wear it.

Robot readingHonestly, the main source of delay in sending these gifts is that I couldn’t decide what to make for my pal Benjamin. An authentic Harry Potter scarf? That would probably take ages to finish if I followed the pattern to the letter, and I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t get bored after the first few inches. A hat? Kind of boring. Some sort of felted rucksack? Having neither pattern nor confidence in my design acumen, the idea felt dicey at best. I finally went with a robot, which might be a bit beneath his interest agewise. (Younger sister Janelle reportedly was eyeing it somewhat enviously.)

Janelle and BenjaminHere’s a gratuitous dose of adorableness, courtesy of mama Janet’s Flickr set. (For some reason, I neglected to take any photos of both of them together when we saw them in July. Too busy playing, I guess.) I so hope that we get to go to Columbus in May!

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