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I do not side with T-Rex on this one

Published on 25 April 2006

I’ve tried various tactics over the years to help educate my sweetie on the topic of Flowers, the Niceness of Receiving. They include:

“Forgetting” to recycle those little postcard ads from Kabloom for a few days, leaving them on the dining room table or in the office.
Mentioning when one of my friends or someone at work […]

Comfort me with avocados

Published on 20 April 2006

After the crappiest day yet of an especially craptacular week, I needed to take a deep breath and do something constructive. An old friend of my fella’s is in town for a conference, but I opted to be reclusive and do some cooking instead of joining them for sushi and socializing. After a stop at […]

Today’s sole amusement

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David Bowie is very disappointed in you.

Tell me this is a joke

Published on 18 April 2006

I mean seriously, for real?

Grocery night in Somerville

Published on 14 April 2006

Some guys who just walked up our street:
“You use that self-checkout thing?”
“Man, that’s the weakest thing EVER!”
“Yeah, speaker’s all BLOWN an’ shit?”