“I’m not heeling you to hook you”

still from the film brickWhat a fabulous weekend. Saturday night we saw “Brick,” kind of on a whim — I’d glanced at a Phoenix review but paid it about as much heed as any other piece of writing in that rag, so expectation-wise, my tabula was pretty rasa. Peppered with a mixture of home-grown vernacular and standard gumshoe lingo and gorgeously shot, the film’s nautilus plot and the earnest anguish of the lead character Brendan (whose neo-Philip Marlowe exchanges the trenchcoat and fedora for a sheepskin-collared jacket and jeans) had me leaning forward to catch every detail. Some of the contrasts between suburban high-school melodrama (and its obligatory brains, jocks, drama nerds, burnouts, and outcasts) and a sordid underworld are laugh-out-loud hilarious, moreso because the characters were perfectly deadpan. (Lukas Haas is especially good as The Pin, who orchestrates his nefarious ventures from his mom’s basement.) I’ll definitely want to see it again when it’s released on DVD, if only to pause-rewind the snappy repartee.

Oh, and the coolest thing: Doug noticed round-topped A’s (a clue in the film) chalked onto the walkway in the plaza between the theatre and some restaurants, which I’d noticed before we saw the film but had assumed were some construction workers’ shorthand.

Yesterday, Terri and Ezra invited us over to watch the Sox whup the Orioles and partake of their fabulous culinary skills. Oh yes, and there was Boggle! Looooooove the Boggle. And I was able to finish a Super-Secret Knitting Project and start a Spherey for my sweetheart.

Now I must head homeward to grocery-shop and do laundry and essentially catch up on various neglected chores.

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  1. LLA says:

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    oooh - thanks for the thumbs up review of Brick!
    I’ve been quite curious about this film, but have only read one review of it which was tepid. However, it was written by the local paper’s reviewer with whom I almost never agree. (Fortunately, we’ve got several different reviewers, she’s the only one who’s pretty much crap…)

    can’t wait to see your Spherey! (and do we get to see the S-SKP???)

  2. Editrix says:

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    oooh – thanks for the thumbs up review of Brick!

    You’re welcome!

    (and do we get to see the S-SKP???)

    Nope, sorry. That’s classified till further notice. :)

  3. Ezra says:

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    Heh. I feel so privileged that you worked on the S-SKP at our place, and now I am posessed of classified information.

    I would even leak it if you wanted, and perjure myself to protect you.

    That’s the kind of person we are.

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