I do not side with T-Rex on this one

I’ve tried various tactics over the years to help educate my sweetie on the topic of Flowers, the Niceness of Receiving. They include:

  • “Forgetting” to recycle those little postcard ads from Kabloom for a few days, leaving them on the dining room table or in the office.
  • Mentioning when one of my friends or someone at work gets a nice surprise bouquet.
  • Sending him flowers for special occasions.
  • And now, blabbing about it to the Internets.

But maybe I’m just a little too harsh on him, and he’s really being considerate by thinking about the deeper symbolism in giving flowers. It’s also possible that, very early in our relationship, that I convinced him that I’m a floraphobe by scoffing at a DC street vendor hawking single roses to couples dining al fresco.

As far as relationship issues go, I’m the first to admit that this one’s so minor that it embarrasses me to admit it. I feel lucky every day to be with him. But that doesn’t obviate the fact that tulips or Gerbera daisies are nice once in awhile!

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  1. Terri says:

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    I remember fondly when Ezra sent me flowers. He did so once or twice in the early days–once when I was on a business trip, which was really great. Alas… it’s been a while…

  2. Janet says:

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    Ah! Terri reminds me why I do side with T. Rex on this issue. Way back, must’ve been the summer we got hitched, Andy sent a whomping big sunflower-intensive floral arrangement to my hotel room in NYC, where I was staying for the ALA conference.

    I was all gaga over the flowers and the sweetness of the sweetie who sent ‘em, and so I brought them home with me on the plane. You can’t check a big vaseful of flowers, you know, so I sat them on my lap (btw, I feel this wouldn’t be allowed these days). It was worth it to be pinned under this 10-pound arrangement, unable to see out the window or even read a magazine. After all, it would be just a one-hour flight.

    Except, there were storms and delays, and we sat on the runway, with the AC off, not allowed to disembark, for three hours.

    So I’m not so much into flowers, except those growing in the ground or on the trees the way, well, God intended.

  3. 2fs says:

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    Either I’m overthinking this, or I’m being clueless about a nonsexual double entendre. To wit: is the T. Rex reference only to the dino in the linked cartoon, or is there a T. Rex song about flowers that I can’t call to mind? I mean, there should be - because then our Editrix would be being overwhelmingly clever, which is always a good thing.

    I’ve never given flowers (I don’t think) because flowers wilt and wither at my very touch. Beware, for I am the very destroyer of flowers! (Not of my will or anything - it’s just the way the universe is set up.)

  4. Editrix says:

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    Man, I can’t believe you don’t know that classic T. Rex song, “Bang a (Snapdra)gon.”

    (Obviously, my early-’70s music knowledge is hugely lacking.)

    Janet, thank you for your cautionary tale. Still, it was awfully sweet (and makes a heck of a story).

  5. Flasshe says:

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    Flowers get in the way of parking lots, as I think David Byrne once said.

  6. LLA says:

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    thanks for the link - now I can explain to my husband that I am not un-romantic, I’m just a T-Rex. (That’s right, I am not a big fan of receiving flowers….)

    Still snickering to myself over your “Bang a (Snapdra)gon” line. Hee hee hee hee

  7. Paula says:

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    Oh, Trix, I side with you there. Flowers are nice. Sent flowers are even nicer. Carnations are always bad.

    But if I were a guy, I think I might be confused as to whether flowers were corny or not.

    Rest assured, guys, it’s better to send ‘em and take that risk, because it’s the thought that counts.

  8. 2fs says:

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    But check allergies first - and which plants are poisonous to critters, if critters in the house there be. Unless you’re psychotic: “Oh my god, your cat died? From eating my flowers? I am sooo sorry - please, let me comfort you.”

  9. Editrix says:

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    The pet thing shouldn’t be an issue if you send them to someone’s workplace. Unless you work in a pet store, I guess.

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