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Why I am dumb, part infinity times two

Published on 10 April 2006

I was flipping through last week’s Dig (mostly on Ezra’s recommendation some time ago; I’d never actually picked it up before) on the train this evening, and I saw a record review of the latest album by Dopo Yume. “Dopo Yume, Dopo Yume . . . now I know it’s not Urusei Yatsura, right? Why […]

“I’m not heeling you to hook you”

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What a fabulous weekend. Saturday night we saw “Brick,” kind of on a whim — I’d glanced at a Phoenix review but paid it about as much heed as any other piece of writing in that rag, so expectation-wise, my tabula was pretty rasa. Peppered with a mixture of home-grown vernacular and standard gumshoe lingo […]

Well played, Mr. Taylor. Well played.

Published on 7 April 2006

I can’t stop thinking about Harry Taylor, a regular old citizen who happens to disagree with where the country’s gone under the Bush regime — and who had the guts to say so.
Watch the video of Taylor’s exchange with the President
Despite being booed by the rest of the audience, and despite the President’s flip […]

Updating is for suckas

Published on 3 April 2006

Uh, yeah. Anyway, for regular readers, I’m still alive and haven’t joined the Witness Protection Program. And if you’re stopping by from the profile on One Million Blogs, hi! I haven’t found anything interesting on the street lately, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.
We watched The Shield Around the K last […]