Why I am dumb, part infinity times two

I was flipping through last week’s Dig (mostly on Ezra’s recommendation some time ago; I’d never actually picked it up before) on the train this evening, and I saw a record review of the latest album by Dopo Yume. “Dopo Yume, Dopo Yume . . . now I know it’s not Urusei Yatsura, right? Why do I know that name?” A couple of hours later, I faintly remembered being obsessed with the band — I recollected hearing a cassette of theirs and wanting, nay needing, to find a copy of it for my own. The fact that Sean Lennon and his Cibo Matto chick were involved didn’t help jog my neurons, but I do know that I badgered Kevin about whether he knew of the band and if he could hook me up somehow.

Question is: did I see them live? Did someone play me the cassette that keeps nagging at my memory? Why was I so enamored of them? Should I buy up their albums and EPs thus far and see if anything sounds familiar? Is this what it feels like to grow old?

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  1. Janet says:

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    This is exactly what it feels like to grow old, in my still-limited but fast-expanding experience. It eases the transition if you make lots of jokes about your forgetfulness and rising unpredictability. The title of this entry, that’s a good one.

  2. Flasshe says:

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    Listen to Janet - she’s really old! ;)

  3. 2fs says:

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    Not as old as I am, Flasshe…not as old as I am. Uh, what were we talking about?

  4. Paula says:

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    I think we were talking about those damn kids and their boom-boom-boom.

  5. Editrix says:

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    Why won’t they get off my property?

  6. dopo yume fanatic says:

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    jordan played a solo show up in boston five or six years ago and sold some cassettes. but the music has improved alot since then and the albums and ep are great, so i would recommend checking them out.

  7. John says:

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    I get that one too. I have heard of those guys from a friend and I never paid attention. I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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