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I’m afraid if I start, I won’t be able to stop

Published on 27 May 2006

And having stopped, I’ll not want to start.
I’ve been holding a lot back lately. Which makes for a shitty online journal, granted. But it’s also given me a chance to breathe a bit, take a vacation and remain 100% offline the whole time, and exit my head once in awhile.
The trouble is that once I […]

Note to self: floss more frequently

Published on 11 May 2006

This morning I went back to the dentist to get a filling on the number 15 occlusal. When I walked into the dental office, Teresa, the dental assistant, told me from behind the reception desk that I should go sit in operatory 1 and I was welcome to bypass the coatrack in the waiting room […]

This thing on?

Published on

I know, I know, I am t3h suck for not updating in the past thousand years. First I felt all boring and had nothing to say. Then it was my birthday and many fun times were spent with friends. Small cakes were eaten. So was brunch and a spicy Bloody Mary at The Blue Room. […]

Last day that I’m young

Published on 1 May 2006

(If by “young,” you mean the outer reaches of one’s mid-30s)
I haven’t written in far too long, though not for lack of things to say. My father’s had a rough patch healthwise lately, and it hasn’t been easy for my mom taking care of him. My brother’s father-in-law died fairly suddenly last weekend. And the […]