Last day that I’m young

(If by “young,” you mean the outer reaches of one’s mid-30s)

I haven’t written in far too long, though not for lack of things to say. My father’s had a rough patch healthwise lately, and it hasn’t been easy for my mom taking care of him. My brother’s father-in-law died fairly suddenly last weekend. And the past couple of weeks at work, while not as unpleasant as they were for good friends of mine, were still stressful and frustrating.

That said, despite feeling wrung-out by last Friday, I managed to enjoy the hell out of the weekend. Snuck out of work before 5:00 and came home to three of the four Dope Yume discs I’d ordered earlier in the week, which I immediately put into heavy rotation while cleaning up the house and making vegetarian quesadillas (note to self: that Quorn fake-chicken is insanely delicious) for me and el boyo. Saturday we played a couple of hours of Boggle, followed by lunch at Cambridge Common, and then we went to Downtown Crossing for a little yarn and unmentionable shopping (well, I bought underthings while El Villain sat in the sunshine and read his book), plus a walk around Davis and back home. We spent a good bit of Sunday buying organizational supplies for our bathroom and then doing some hardcore reorganizing. The Villainous One got in several hours of critical and fiction writing plus a couple of really interesting-sounding (from where I sat) creative noodling sessions on the guitar. I knitted a little hat for the baby-to-be of a coworker of mine, discovering how lovely Mission Falls 1824 cotton is.

Anyway — it was a gorgeously bright blue breezy weekend in the 50s during each day — nice and fall-like — the kind of days where the walking by the white clapboard North Prospect Church on Mass Ave looked just like the cover of They Might Be Giants’ Lincoln. It felt so wonderful to be outside, relaxed, holding hands with Doug.

Today the fourth Dopo Yume disc I’d ordered, Yumania, arrived, and I’m in heaven — the pre-teen hiphop and so-sweet “Werewolves” and “Kiss” make such a cool counterpoint to the disco-ier, sultrier stuff on True Romance and The Secret Show. And, and, I finally remembered to ask Kevin if he recalled any connection from Dopo Yume to me — and he helped me remember a show they did at the Milky Way in JP lots of years ago, and he’d driven Jordan back to his hotel and gotten a cassette for his trouble. I don’t think I was at the Milky Way show, but I do remember his playing that tape a lot in his car. He reminded me that he’d promised to copy said cassette for me, but hadn’t ever gotten around to it, because he’s “a jerk.” I think all this was before Tomoko and I even became friends, so maybe it’s no wonder that the details were so fuzzy. But what a relief to piece together why I ever thought I liked this band in the first place. And what a joy to hear their songs now.

I wish we’d felt energetic enough to see Charlie Chesterman at the Abbey Lounge on Saturday — I haven’t seen him in way too many years, and he was playing with the Incredible Casuals, which must have been a great show.

Um. Anyway. I’m pretty happy. I hope the Red Sox whupped the Yankees tonight. Good things are ahead, I just know it.

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  1. Terri says:

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    Sounds like a great weekend! I feel like I know so much of what you’ve written about–the happy discovery of the deliciousness of Quorn chickie, the creeping Boggle addiction, the wonderfulness of a relaxing weekend doing things with your sweetie and holding hands in the sun, and that great sensation that good things lie ahead. Yay! And as you’ve probably figured out, the Red Sox did win last night.

  2. LLA says:

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    Glad things are on a turn for the better - the weekend sounds lovely!

  3. Miles says:

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    Hope today (May 2nd) was the happiest of days - I know it will be if Mr. Villain has anything to do with it, or any of the people who hold you dear, for that matter!

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