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Published on 25 June 2006

In an attempt to improve its public image, Exxon Mobil changes its name to “Exxon Mobil Springsteen.”

Headline of the day

Published on 20 June 2006

OK, I’m not glad about these people’s house, but Dog Craving Doughnuts Blamed for Fire is a little great.

Thor’s day

Published on 15 June 2006

Kind of a quiet evening. Doug’s out playing a show with his rock-and-roll combo tonight. The humidity’s abated temporarily, so I slapped a coat of pomegranate polish on the toes. I ate some leftover onion-and-gorgonzola pizza from last night’s dinner at Amelia’s Kitchen. (Best tip from Cook’s Illustrated ever? Reheat pizza leftovers in a skillet […]

WT interrobanged F‽

Published on 14 June 2006

In keeping with today’s Foodley McFooderson theme: I just went checked the office fridge on my floor for the tasty leftovers from yesterday’s lunch (an expense-account-funded meet ‘n’ greet for a new employee, something I’ve never experienced at this company). Truly, these leftovers were to be the best part of yesterday’s outing with its stilted […]

Another childhood ideal eviscerated by brutal reality

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When I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as a youngster, Turkish delight sounded like the most heavenly sweet ever devised. I imagined it as similar to caramel or toffee, but subtler and more complex.
Yesterday, I discovered that Turkish delight? Is nothing of the sort. The type I sampled was graciously brought back […]