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Random sampling of things I’m not doing (besides updating)

Published on 28 July 2006

Sifting through and Flickrizing the 840,000 photos I took of stuff I like in and around my hometown.
Liveblogging bloggers’ blogging discussions at Blogher. (Actually, I’d probably be listening to the Web 2.0 keynote and wondering how soon I could start drinking in order to muster the courage to talk to some of my heros.)
Looking forward […]


Published on 18 July 2006

Hey there, pallies and gallies, have you heard Mr. Pernice’s latest? The song and video from Joe’s forthcoming record are available for free (though they do ask you to sign up for the infrequent and highly entertaining newsletter, which is easily unsubbable-from).


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Yeah, that was an . . . intense week. That A versus B scenario I sketched last time I wrote? Turns out it was C, All of the above. On Wednesday night, my dad yanked out his IV (delivering that sweet, sweet morphine), popped a staple and bled out for hours (and, being on Coumadin […]

Buttons, pushed

Published on 13 July 2006

So Tuesday was my dad’s surgery, and while my mom and I were waiting for the surgeon to page us and report on how it went, I wrote a little post (so glad the hospital had WiFi). Trouble is, I hit Save and not Publish. Doy.
Anyway. The good news is, the surgery went well. About […]


Published on 9 July 2006

Happy birthday, happy year to my best friend, the most swoonworthy Villain! I’m sorry you have to spend a chunk of your day prepping for a job interview tomorrow morning and I must pack up to leave for a week, but I’m glad to share whatever time’s leftover celebrating your lanky presence on this planet. […]