Random sampling of things I’m not doing (besides updating)

  • Sifting through and Flickrizing the 840,000 photos I took of stuff I like in and around my hometown.
  • Liveblogging bloggers’ blogging discussions at Blogher. (Actually, I’d probably be listening to the Web 2.0 keynote and wondering how soon I could start drinking in order to muster the courage to talk to some of my heros.)
  • Looking forward to the dehydrated Buckaroo Bean Chili I brought for lunch.
  • Coming up with an idea for a birthday gift for Teresa, even though her birthday was a month and a half ago.
  • Able to get onto Tracey’s site, probably because her series of tubes is clogged with readers.
  • Making a list that might actually be helpful, e.g., what to take to DC next week.

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