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Hey there, pallies and gallies, have you heard Mr. Pernice’s latest? The song and video from Joe’s forthcoming record are available for free (though they do ask you to sign up for the infrequent and highly entertaining newsletter, which is easily unsubbable-from).

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  1. 2fs says:

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    So they fixed that: the other day I tried to download it, the opening page of the site claimed I didn’t have the most recent version of Flash (in both IE and FF) - which I do. I couldn’t get anywhere…

    Oh, and I will second our Editrix’s recommendations re the newsletter - they’d be worth reading even if you didn’t like the Pernice Bros.’ music (and what kind of goddam communist are you if you don’t?).

  2. LLA says:

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    Thanks for the link - I am not very familiar with the Brothers Pernice, having only ever heard “Moonshot Manny”, which I do enjoy. I’ll go check it all out!

  3. amy says:

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    Bostonist posted the video. Yay Somerville!

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