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My opia

Published on 26 August 2006

Since my optometrist appointment Thursday evening, I’ve been seized with doubt over the eyeglass frames I chose. This always, always happens — I never remember to bring along a trusted someone to help me evaluate various styles, instead relying on a grandmotherly receptionist named Ruth (who will say my favorite selections are “a little lawyerly,” […]


Published on 24 August 2006

Who says Hoosiers aren’t cutting-edge?
Dentist Puts Gold Teeth on Pet Cat

Soooo good!

Published on 23 August 2006

New Teen Girl Squad, featuring Camp Firstbassawassa meets Coach Conrad’s Situp Camp for Shirtless Boys (starring Science Fiction Greg) and So and So’s summer job at the Shirt Folding Store.

Book review: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Ahab

Published on 19 August 2006

As someone who has, by dint of surname, been associated with seafaring scoundrels all my life, I was pretty much obligated to pick this up before my trip to DC. I started reading the Scientists volume (it’s two books in one!) on the flight home, with embarrassing consequences (laughter and at least one particularly loud […]

Where is my mind?

Published on 15 August 2006

I’m back after a thoroughly draining week and a half in DC, but things are still crazy. My dad ended up spending a week in the hospital. He’s still bleeding somewhere internally, and this week he fell and brought my mom down with him. The hits just keep on coming!
I’ve been talking or emailing […]