My opia

Since my optometrist appointment Thursday evening, I’ve been seized with doubt over the eyeglass frames I chose. This always, always happens — I never remember to bring along a trusted someone to help me evaluate various styles, instead relying on a grandmotherly receptionist named Ruth (who will say my favorite selections are “a little lawyerly,” and sigh when I insist on the most lawyerly of the bunch), or a heavily cologned and copiously pomaded optician named Laird (who will steer me toward the brand-new, just-in-from-Japan styles that cost as much as a used car, which I can barely make out through my stinging, dilated pupils).

I also feel vaguely suckered after having agreed to extra-thin lenses and coatings both anti-glare and anti-scratch, but what’s another couple hundred bucks, right, Laird?

Perhaps after having to wear my new Japanese, Frinkafying specs for a year or two, I’ll make sure to get a second opinion.

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  1. 2fs says:

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    Rose and I simply make it a deal that we always accompany the other on glasses-shopping expeditions. Of course, we both wear them. If I recall, Mr. V. either doesn’t, or wears them only for reading or such (I don’t recall seeing him wearing them). But it’s definitely easier with someone else there advising you - even if (like me) you actually can see fairly well without glasses. A second, trusted opinion is always a good thing.

  2. Mr V says:

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    I think one of the issues is that the mere fact that I own the glasses you’ve never seen intrinsically renders my opinion untrustworthy.

  3. 2fs says:

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    Hey: if they work for Elton John…

  4. Paula says:

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    My optician’s assistant, Stacey, is a zaftig blonde Brooklyn bombshell who shoots from the hip about what looks good and what doesn’t, and she doesn’t seem to push the more expensive frames either. I consider myself lucky in this regard, although I wear my glasses only inside my apartment so it doesn’t much matter.

  5. Ezra says:

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    Never feel bad about the anti-scratch. That is an investment. Extra-thin? Less lens to scratch! That’s practical. Anti-glare, if you have to feel suckered about something, that’s the one to feel suckered about, but still, there are worse things to feel bad about. Write it off as a present to yourself for coining the word “Frinkifying”.

    When I read the post title, I thought this was going to be about America’s Next Top Model (opiate?).

  6. Editrix says:

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    Mr. Vee: I almost wish you’d wear your glasses out in public more. Perhaps some additional peer pressure would convince you to replace them!

    Ms. Cee: I may have to get my next pair o’ specs in Brooklyn!

    Mr. Bee: Expect ANTM posts beginning in late September!

  7. debbie says:

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    well, as your friend and a former optician, i’d say that some of your lens choices were worth the investment. anti-reflective coatings might seem like one of those extras the salesperson is just trying to tack on, but reducing glare improves your vision. plus, people can see your eyes and not the light bouncing off of them! extra thin is always worth it, too, but the anti scratch seems like a scam because the anti-reflective coating would basically take the place of this (do the same job). anyway, i want to see picture of the new specs!

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