Where is my mind?

I’m back after a thoroughly draining week and a half in DC, but things are still crazy. My dad ended up spending a week in the hospital. He’s still bleeding somewhere internally, and this week he fell and brought my mom down with him. The hits just keep on coming!

I’ve been talking or emailing them daily, sometimes more than once (I am so not looking forward to getting this month’s cell phone bill), and worrying pretty much nonstop. I owe a bunch of people emails, I’m behind on stuff at work, and I desperately, desperately need a haircut by someone who won’t make me look like a soccer mom.

On a less-churlish note, I’ve read some cracking good books lately. I may even review one or two of them one of these millenia.

4 Responses to “Where is my mind?”

  1. Paula says:

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    Hey there Trixie:

    Sounds like life is a little unfun for you these days. I’m sorry to hear that.

    I look forward to reading your book reviews, though–I need some good recommendations!

  2. Ezra says:

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    Gar. Sorry to hear about the continuing troubles.

    The only helpful thing I’ve got is to note is that Skype is offering free SkypeOut (i.e. PC-to-landline) to US phones until the end of the year.

  3. Editrix says:

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    Thanks, compadres. And I may very well check out that SkypeOut dealie, seeing as how our own landline is completely shot to hell what with the static and the interference and the hey hey.

  4. Flasshe says:

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    Hang in there! I’m glad to hear that you’re taking some time for yourself and getting some reading done.

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