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I can hardly contain myself

Published on 20 September 2006

For today? Is a momentous one, maybe even moreso than International Talk like a Pirate Day. For today (well, tonight, actually) is the season cycle 7 premiere of America’s Next Top Model, and brothas, I am stoked.
Oddly, CW doesn’t seem to truck with giving us sneak-peek bios of the bitches like our old friend UPN […]

Jargon, take me away!

Published on 14 September 2006

My CUA exam is over, and I passed! After trying to cram 50 pounds of information into my knowledge-hole for the past couple of weeks, I am immensely relieved to be DONE. I can finally read something that doesn’t come in a three-ring binder. I may even knit again.
The timed two-and-a-half-hour test is given online, […]

Sunny fall weekends are no fun

Published on 10 September 2006

. . . when they’re spent indoors, studying diligently. My usability analyst certification exam is Thursday, and I’m spending this gorgeous weekend bent over binders, glossaries, study guides, and reference sheets. If I keep at it all day today and the next few evenings, I should be able to review the material from two weeks […]

Das ist doch ja unfair

Published on 8 September 2006

This summer, I started noticing that my mouth felt a little numb after eating fresh strawberries. It didn’t seem like a big deal; I thought maybe the acid in the fruit was the cause.
Yesterday, I broke out in hives on my neck and chest about an hour after enjoying an afternoon snack of lovely […]

Even my dreams are nerdy

Published on 1 September 2006

Unexpected business trip to Toronto. Red-eye flight.
Check into small, dingy hotel room. Nothing like I expected. No WiFi. How will I do work? Crawl around on dirty carpet, searching for an ethernet jack.
Hungry, and I need to figure out where I am and what’s near the hotel. The Villain calls and tries to explain my […]