Sunny fall weekends are no fun

. . . when they’re spent indoors, studying diligently. My usability analyst certification exam is Thursday, and I’m spending this gorgeous weekend bent over binders, glossaries, study guides, and reference sheets. If I keep at it all day today and the next few evenings, I should be able to review the material from two weeks of courses.

I have taken a couple of breaks: to exercise, to make dinner, check my sad, pitiful tomato plants, and petition ABC and our local affiliate not to air its execrable “The Path to 9/11.”

About those tomatoes: you haven’t seen or heard about my gardening efforts this year because they’ve been a huge failure. Instead of buying hardy heirloom seedlings at a nursery, I impulsively chose a couple of Sweet 100 plants on display at Star Market. They’ve grown like weeds, but I’ve been battling some disease that’s continually turned all but the newest leaves sickly yellow and brown-spotted. The sparse handful of cherry tomatoes they’ve yielded are tasty, but not enough to do more with than scatter on a salad. And the heavy rains in August have waterlogged and split the majority of fruit that gets ripe, rendering it inedible. So, at least this year, no buffalo mozzerella and basil-strewen Caprese salads.

Mr. Villain was able to get away to visit Mark Robinson’s yard sale — Robinson, who lives in Cambridge, was selling off his record collection and giving away Teen Beat discs. Doug came home with a hefty stack of great stuff from the Teen Beat and Dischord catalogs, plus a few surprises for me:

andrew bird's bowl of fire: o! the grandeur they might be giants: bed bed bed the for carnation: fight songs

I’ve said it before, but: Best. Boyfriend. Evar.

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  1. LLA says:

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    Yes - it does sound like a cruel way to have to spend a sunny weekend - but I’m proud of your disipline! Also, I’ll be sending you good test taking vibes on Thursday…

    Yipee, too to MrVillian - I’m feeling all coveteous ‘n stuff of the TMBG find…

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