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The constant hurt

Published on 27 October 2006

My dad died.
It was sudden and absolutely unexpected.
A cerebral hemorrhage.
I’ll never be able to hug him again.
Talk to him again.
He won’t get to travel with my mom, or enjoy the rewards of the work and hell and pain they both went through when he had both knees replaced and worked so incredibly hard in rehab […]

The First Hurt

Published on

Our lives are in an uproar since Monday. So I’m especially susceptible to freaking-out sequences.
Yesterday, I checked my Gmail and had a few emails that at first looked like sophisticated spam. One was from Rachel Sherman, the author of the last book I finished, a collection of short stories called The First Hurt. The latest […]

It’s fun needing an umbrella to use the bathroom

Published on 14 October 2006

After a fairly stressful and long day at work, there’s nothing quite so demoralizing than stepping on a sodden bathmat — the return of the leaky bathroom ceiling (making a third appearance!). Happy Friday the fucking 13th! I deployed a bucket under the drip and waited for S’villain to get home from work, but before […]