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Merry Christmas, you beautiful old Building and Loan

Published on 24 December 2006

It’s been a nice Christmas Eve, despite slicing deep into two fingerpads while washing a food processor swirlyblade. I’m thankful that we didn’t have to spend tonight in the emergency room and that my cyclist fellow keeps gauze in his first aid kit.
We ate sizzling marinated baked tofu, with garlicky sauteed kale and tahini dressing, […]

Lorrie Moore so fucking rules

Published on 20 December 2006

Been re-re-re-reading Birds of America (I tend to seek shelter in books I love during confused and fucked-up times), and melted into this:
She had already — carefully, obediently — stepped through all the stages of bereavement: anger, denial, bargaining, Häagen-Dazs, rage. Anger to rage — who said she wasn’t making progress?
Substitute bourbon balls and ginger […]

Damn Yankee swap

Published on 14 December 2006

Our department holiday party/lunch is tomorrow, and I’m dreading it even more than usual. Not only is it tiresome to make chitchat with people you barely know (”So, what are your holiday plans?”), it’s being held at a churrascaria (and I’m not that big a fan of meat, let alone bacon-wrapped chicken hearts on swords). […]

What gives?

Published on

Wow, Internets, I’m actually typing and stuff. Like with words and everything. Hi how are you?
The usual work blahblahblah stresscakes and an overwhelming feeling of who gives a bibble? are the main reasons for the dearth of posts, and the whole holiday thing has me pretty down. I would give anything to be able to […]