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Nearly, almost

Published on 25 January 2007

The things going on right now are things I’m not able to share with the Internets in any detail.

Today I almost quit my job. And then I realized that a Starbucks salary probably wouldn’t be enough to make rent each month. (Plus, they’re evil.)
Last week, my closest (female) friend nearly bled to death.
My next vacation […]

A half-dozen anomalies

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I’ve slackassed Terri’s meme up until now, so by now everyone I know has already been tagged. But here’s my quote-unquote contribution. I hope it’s not cheating that two of them are NPR-related.

Whenever I hear business correspondent Jack Speer’s name mentioned, I automatically think, “Jack Speer, kick in the rear.”
And every time I […]


Published on 24 January 2007

Yes, I have been busy and working longer hours and more weekends/holidays than I’d like, but the tipoff that I’m not firing on all cylinders came this evening, when I discovered I’d been wearing two different shoes all day. Awesome!


Published on 13 January 2007

The latter part of this week? Brutal, enervating, depressing, and nearly punch-someone-you-work-with-in-the-throat-inducing. But I don’t regret having left work early (shortly after 5:00) on Wednesday to meet up with the knit/craft group (fibreposse?) that Terri created. I have such a great time with these women, every single time. I learn stuff, I kvetch and kvell, […]

I suck at shopping

Published on 4 January 2007

Help a highly conflicted consumer out here: I need a new mp3 player in the worst way. My 3G 30Gb iPod’s hard drive died an ignominious death a while back, and my [freebie] 4Gb Mini’s screen got crushed in November, rendering it useless as anything but a quasi-Shuffle with no indicator as to its battery […]