Nearly, almost

The things going on right now are things I’m not able to share with the Internets in any detail.

  • Today I almost quit my job. And then I realized that a Starbucks salary probably wouldn’t be enough to make rent each month. (Plus, they’re evil.)
  • Last week, my closest (female) friend nearly bled to death.
  • My next vacation involves burying my father’s ashes. I’m hoping I’m almost at the point where I can start writing the eulogy I’m expected to deliver.

My beau’s willingness to listen to me bitch every night, Buffy DVDs, and nice people who deliver food to our apartment nearly keep my head from exploding.

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  1. Miles says:

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    Again, I’ve slacked at the supportiveness just when I should be dialing it up. But whatever I can do and whatever you might need from me, you’ve got it, always. Speaking of dialing - I could do that, couldn’t I? You can bitch, or talk Buffy, or trade cat stories (I’m a sucker for cat anecdotes!), or whatever you’d like. Anyway, I’m concerned, I’m sending you (and mr. villian) a big hug, and know you’re in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. Terri says:

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    If we can offer any sort of comfort or make your life easier in any way, just say the word! Ez and I are at your service.

  3. LLA says:

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    Oh ugh. If there’s anything that I can do, let me know. As it is, just know that I can/will listen to whingeing for as long as you need an ear….


  4. Flasshe says:

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    That’s a lot to have to deal with and I’m really sorry that things are not in a good place right now (though happy you have the awesome summervillain to help you through it). You were a great friend when I was in need from all my @#$%& this past summer, and I want to support you in any way I can. So Shout if you need me - I swear I’ll be able to hear you all the way out here in Colorado.

  5. 2fs says:

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    Damn - things not going well for you right now. I hope you find a better job (or your current one improves), your friend is okay, and the service for your father helps bring some comfort to you. Let me know if you need anything.

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