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I toe the line

Published on 27 February 2007

Tomorrow morning I’ll be undergoing a minor surgical procedure to (I hope) improve a situation that has kept me in pain for a good (by which I mean bad) five or eight months. I put off making the appointment to get it looked at (and by extension, treated) for much longer than is reasonable for […]

God am I the biggest nerd ever yes

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Just when I thought that the Quail Bible couldn’t be topped, they came up with a couple of flowcharts for my life (all nasty with that oil on top — but trans fat free!), which make me just so happy.
Other things that make me happy: my mom adopted a rat terrier through a local rescue […]


Published on 19 February 2007

Several years ago, my father sent me a package of chili flakes from peppers he’d grown in his garden, dried, and ground up in the garage. He sent them to me with a note on the envelope warning postal workers to handle with care else risk burning eyes or other sensitive parts. (Now that I […]

Return of the Urb (sort of)

Published on 12 February 2007

I was glad to see on Chowhound that even though the Urban Gourmet in Ball Square still shows no sign of reopening (or even repair) since the fire in October, the owner has started a new venture on Somerville Ave.: City Slicker Cafe (menu).