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I toe the line

Tomorrow morning I’ll be undergoing a minor surgical procedure to (I hope) improve a situation that has kept me in pain for a good (by which I mean bad) five or eight months. I put off making the appointment to get it looked at (and by extension, treated) for much longer than is reasonable for someone fortunate enough to have health insurance, instead trying to bombard the badness into submission with heavy doses of the antibiotics that my dentist makes me take before every cleaning to save him from a lawsuit, triple antibiotic cream and bandaging, and wishful thinking. So much for optimism.

While I’m pretty resigned to what the procedure itself will entail, I’ve read and heard enough to know that the multiple needling in the ankle to numb the site up pre-surgery will be, let’s just say, unpleasant. The last time I had that kind of Lidocaine luau (after I’d broken three fingers during a sidewalk tumble), I was so deeply in shock that the stabbiness didn’t phase me one bit.

I keep thinking that it would be humane of my HMO to provide me with a Sazerac or Bloody Mary before tomorrow’s little operation — a little pre-anesthetic anesthetic, if you will — to take the roughest edges off the whole thing. Just another flaw in the current state of American healthcare, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. Ezra says:

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    Geez, you gotta give advance notice on these kinds of things so we can give proper friendly support. Maybe we can provide some bloody marys tonight?

  2. Flasshe says:

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    Here’s hoping everything went well today. You need to be back on your feet muy pronto!

  3. Paula says:

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    Let us know how it went, Fallacy Girl!

  4. lla says:

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    Yikes - I”m all kinds of “day late and dollar short” on this one…

    Hopefully, everything went famously, and you’re up and about and well on the way to pain free!
    (and hopefully, you’ve been plied with all sorts of lovely Bloody Marys and things….)

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