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Thud thud THUD thud thud THUD thud thud THUD

Published on 26 March 2007

I think my upstairs neighbors just got a copy of Dance Dance Revolution.

What the hell BookMooch?

Published on 11 March 2007

Have you heard about this book-swapping site? The concept is great: get rid of books you no longer want (maybe never did want, but which you picked up from the book-and-magazine-trading wall in the subway station) for the cost of Media Mail postage; get others’ unwanted books for free. Neato, right?
I’ve sent out nine books […]


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Oh hello Internets I did not see you there. What is the happenstance? How is it that you are doing? OK, I will stop speaking like a poorly translated phrasebook.
I don’t know why I’ve been so blasé about writing lately. I am still fairly freaked out on a daily basis when I am at my […]