Oh hello Internets I did not see you there. What is the happenstance? How is it that you are doing? OK, I will stop speaking like a poorly translated phrasebook.

I don’t know why I’ve been so blasé about writing lately. I am still fairly freaked out on a daily basis when I am at my job, and when I’m not, I want to distance myself from computers as much as I can.

My toe is healing and will continue to do so over the next few weeks if I continue with the Epsom salts baths and sensible shoes. Thanks for the nice thoughts, friends.

We saw The Pogues tonight with Terri, Ezra, and their friend Tim. I was pretty evenly split between enjoying the music, feeling like Miss No-Fun because I didn’t stand and dance around and make the Orpheum balcony that much wobblier (I wouldn’t have been able to see the stage any better, plus I think I’m coming down with what my boy’s had for the past week so sitting felt best), and worrying about Shane McGowan’s shakiness. At one point, he staggered stage-left and collapsed. The band were quiet for a bit (and some yobbo behind me yelled, “C’mon Shane, I got money ridin’ on ya!”) before launching into an instrumental in an attempt to distract the audience from whatever resuscitation he required and the roadies mopping the stage with rags.

I’m oh-so-gradually making progress on the Pinup Queen sweater I started again from scratch. I leave for Indiana a week from Thursday to bury my father’s ashes, the February trip having been thwarted by snow and ice. And that’s really about it as far as news goes. See why I haven’t been posting?

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  1. Ezra says:

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    See why I haven’t been posting?


    C’mon, Editrix, I got money riding on you!

    I didn’t think you were Miss No-Fun, by the way, I just figured that the fear of dying in a rock-and-roll balcony-collapse tragedy got the better of you. Or that it was a sensible shoe issue.

    The Shane thing actually gives me some moral pause which I may expound on at some point if I can make the thoughts cohere.

  2. RealFake Blog » Blog Archive » The Monkey Grinder says:

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    […] It was very much the same story as last year’s Pogues show at the Orpheum. Shane did not drink the entire bottle of whiskey this time, though, and was not quite so falling-down drunk (though he did manage to fall once (Trixie described it well)). The band was playing together a bit better this year and sounded a little looser and confident. […]

  3. Max Dease says:

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    Why would you worry about Shane McGowan’s shakiness? :)

    Max Dease

  4. Max Dease says:

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    If you don’t mind answering me what is Shane McGowan’s shakiness is all about?

    Max Dease

  5. Editrix says:

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    @Max: His alcoholism has taken a huge toll on his health, and witnessing blatant physical symptoms during the performance was unnerving.

  6. Max Dease says:

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    @Editrix, aside from the alcohol is the smoking part of the problem too?

    Max Dease

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