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Memorial Night

Published on 28 May 2007

May has been difficult. I had food poisoning on my birthday. The 13th was my parents’ anniversary. The 22nd was my father’s birthday. And Memorial Day weekend will forever be conjoined with the Indy 500 and my dad’s love for the race he grew up watching. More than once, as a kid, I was put […]


Published on 20 May 2007

Tooling around Nashville, I spied a truck with a Tennessee vanity plate reading “W3C.” I wondered if I could get the Massachusetts version when I got home, in case I ever own a car again.

Real air

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This weekend has pretty much been one of R&R after a three-day business trip to Nashville last week. The high point of the trip was eating yummy sushi and catching up with my friend Miles. He graciously drove me all over his city and I got to enjoy its architecture, eccentricity, and charm (to say […]

Mind games

Published on 10 May 2007

ITA’s resurrection of its “Solve This. Work Here.” subway ads spurred a dream a couple nights ago: my company announced a contest to come up with the most and most original overlaps of pop song titles and movie titles. In between snooze alarms, I came up with several not very creative entries, including:

Remains of the […]


Published on 8 May 2007

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