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ITA’s resurrection of its “Solve This. Work Here.” subway ads spurred a dream a couple nights ago: my company announced a contest to come up with the most and most original overlaps of pop song titles and movie titles. In between snooze alarms, I came up with several not very creative entries, including:

  • Remains of the Day Tripper
  • Right Here, Right Now Voyager
  • Take a Load Off Annie Hall (even in my dream, I didn’t think that this was the title of The Band song)
  • The Waiting Room with a View
  • I Am Curious (Yellow) Submarine

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  1. Terri says:

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    I feel like I was doing this on the train the other day, too.


    Skin Is, My Left Foot
    Yawny at the Apocalypse Now
    Interview with a Vampire/Forest Fire
    School of Rock Lobster
    The Nutty Professor Booty
    Mullholland Drive My Car
    The Stars of Track and Field of Dreams
    The Lion in Winter Wooskie
    Lost Highway 61 Revisited

    …OK, this is too much fun.

  2. 2fs says:

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    Isn’t it “Fanny” in the Band song?

  3. Steve says:

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    Isn’t it “Fanny” in the Band song?


  4. Heather says:

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    How funny to see someone mention I am Curious Yellow, I love that movie (but doesn’t everyone?)…

  5. Ezra says:

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    I thought it was Fanny for years. Basically until I saw Easy Rider.

    Terri and I are sitting here thinking some up.

    I’ve Got a Match Point
    In the Nightgown of the Sullen Moonstruck
    No Children of the Corn
    Annie’s Song of the South
    Baby Got Back To The Future
    Slowly Goes the Night of the Living Dead
    G.I. Jane Says
    It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Shut Your Mouth
    Easy Rider on the Storm
    Talledega Nights In White Satin
    Days of Thunder Road
    One Step Beyond Thunderdome
    (You Make Feel Like) A Natural Woman On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

  6. 2fs says:

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    Not sure what Easy Rider has to do with it (other than the song being featured in the movie), but:

    1. This extensive and fairly authoritative-looking site has it as “Fanny”;

    2. In this interview with Rick Danko, he doesn’t correct the interviewer when the interviewer says “Fanny”;

    3. There’s a “Miss Fanny” in the last verse, corroborating the reading of “Fanny” in the chorus (unless this is an early draft of “Rock’n'Roll Dreams’ll Come Through”…);

    4. Most importantly, as this excerpt from the chorus of the original recording indicates, they’re clearly singing “Fanny” and not “Annie.”

    Case closed.

  7. Editrix says:

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    Um, just a reminder on lyrical verisimilitude: I was making titles up in my dream. Last night I dreamed I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy orangutan, and had to nurse him every 15 minutes while bombs rained down in a world war started by Kim Jong Il.

    Terri and Ezra, your contributions are brilliant!

    It reminds me of happy times spent with my music-obsessed friends at clubs before the bands started up, seeing who could come up with the most song titles that mention fruit, or band names featuring colors. Good clean fun.

  8. Ezra says:

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    Unless you actually pause for a full second after you say “off”, it’s really very hard to tell whether it’s Fannie or Annie. And I know it doesn’t matter, but just for the sake of clarification and argument…

    0) Why Easy Rider? I saw it in the theater and the sound was good. “Fannie” also makes less sense in context. The scene where it plays is all about freedom and riding your big ol bike into a hippie utopia. “Take a load off Fannie” sounds goofy, like your feet are tired; they were clearly shooting for more.

    1) You can’t believe everything you read on the internet
    2) Unless the interviewer did the interview in writing, he probably just said “takealoadoffannie” just as unintelligibly as anybody would. I have it on good authority* that Danko was not offered a chance to edit the transcript, as he was too busy riding his big ‘ol motorcycle back to his hippie utopia.
    3) OK
    4) It still sounds like it could go either way.

    *ok, this is made up.

  9. 2fs says:

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    But: a man appeared to me upon a flaming pie, and he said unto me, it is “Fanny” with an F, as in the name, not as in your bottom, silly; and verily I say therefore unto you, never shall it be “Annie”! Anyway: to me, the singers clearly articulate a second “F” there…but I suppose unless someone e-mails Robbie Robertson for clarification, this will have to be one of those unresolvable issues. (Except that I’m right.)

  10. 2fs says:

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    Incidentally: the real diff between “off Annie” and “off Fanny” is that the latter has far stronger aspiration on the “F” of “Fanny.” If you say the two to yourself, and listen closely, you’ll hear that “off Fanny” has a puff of air along with that “F” (put a lit match in front of you to prove it) whereas “off Annie” does not.

    Now, if only we could stick burning matches in front of the singers as they recorded it…then we’d have our answer!

  11. Ezra says:

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    The Matrix Revolutions Will Not Be Televised.

  12. Ezra says:

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    Your meme has taken over our lives. Please make it stop. The following are what Terri and I came up with over dinner at Johnny D’s: they were playing a lot of 80’s and our challenge was to come up with one per artist played. We missed some, and some of these were off the menu bonus tracks.

    Canary in a Coalminer’s Daughter
    Robert DeNiro’s Waiting for Guffman
    Booty Call Me
    Stand and Deliverance
    Personal Jesus Christ Superstar
    It Happened One Night In Bangkok
    Cars (I know this is lame, but Gary Numan only has one-word song titles!!! It temporarily spawned a sub-meme where we attempted to find songs that *were* movie titles that weren’t the themesong)

    Withnail and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    Doctor Doctor Zhivago
    God Save the Queen Christina
    It’s a Miracle on 34th Street
    Just Like Heaven Can Wait
    Pictures of You and Me and Everyone We Know
    In Your House of Sand and Fog
    Child’s Play for Today
    The Upstairs Room with a View (as you see, Terri’s Cure fandom kicked into overdrive a couple titles ago)
    Glory Days of Thunder (if you combine it with the above “Days of Thunder Road”, you get “Glory Days of Thunder Road”– a Springsteen DOUBLE THREAT!!!)
    Inbetween Days of Wine and Roses
    Chains of Love Story
    Pride (in the Name of Love), Actually
    Betty Blue Monday
    The Return of the King of Pain
    The Young Guns of Brixton
    Cradle Will Rock the Casbah
    American Werewolf in London Calling
    Getting Better Off Dead
    White Men Can’t Jump (for your Love)

  13. Ezra says:

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    Terri got “Doctor Doctor Zhivago” which made me snort and laugh OUT LOUD much longer than I should have.

    I don’t know what is up with my sudden HODGMANESQUE CAPS. That is all.

  14. Terri says:

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    …hours of entertainment.

  15. Ezra says:

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    Killer Queen Christina

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