Pretty good day

Such a ridiculously laid-back Saturday, and necessary after a fairly grueling week. (But also great! I love I love I love my new boss! Knock wood, so far, etc.)

I woke at 9:30 (just before the wood-chipper next door began devouring pieces of tree), ate some strawberry preserves on toast and didn’t hive out, read most of The Secret Life of Lobsters (really great, but it’s making me crave a lobster roll something fierce), knitted, enjoyed a wonderful date at Forest Cafe, and read alongside the best boyfriend everEverEVER while listening to the first disc of the Flying Nun box set I gave him for his birthday.

My mom’s new heart medication is helping, according to her doctor, and it looks as though she won’t have to have an angioplasty. Much relief.

The summer weather continues to amaze. We’ve yet to install the bedroom and office air conditioners and have only had a few really hot, sticky days. It’s what I always imagined living in New England would be like.

All week, I’ve been thinking about my trip to Indiana this time last summer during and after my dad’s surgery. My memories of that visit are so vivid and strange now:

  • The long, daily car rides with my mom back and forth from the hospital and rehab center.
  • My dad’s surgeon telling me, upon learning I was from Boston, about the Big Dig ceiling collapse while my dad was in pre-op.
  • How scared and tired my mom and I were for several days, and what a fine time we had when the worst was over: coming home, ordering pizza, and drinking vodka tonics while I explained why I loved Project Runway.
  • Wiping the garage cobwebs from my dad’s stationary bike and forcing myself to exercise in the brain-scrambling heat, listening to Dopo Yume and watching the clock over his workbench.
  • Taking photos of the beautiful old Marsh Supermarket sign with its marching lights, which I’d loved as a young child at the old location on Market Street and which had been transplanted to the new, larger, modern location on Buffalo.
  • Seeing a parade of antique John Deere tractors one afternoon on the way back from Ft. Wayne.
  • Getting reacquainted with the vast and sparkling summer night sky in the country, the sound of crickets, the fearsome power of a Midwestern thunderstorm, and my mother.

Despite all my oh-poor-me writing, I really am grateful for every day I get to be here with an incredible and brilliant and alluring and creative and talented man I love to the stars and back; with these so-amazing people I’m fortunate to have as friends; with a goofy-affectionate and very pup-like cat; and in a community that values the arts and originality. All this makes me feel Amazonian strong like Queen Hippolyta (whom I played in sixth grade, so I am an expert). It makes me happy. No small feat.

3 Responses to “Pretty good day”

  1. Heather says:

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    Yes to recognizing the special place the people in our life occupy…

  2. 2fs says:

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    Yea you! (And us.)

  3. Greeley says:

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    Great lobster roll* alert:

    Alive and Kicking Lobsters
    269 Putnam Ave
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Phone: (617) 876-0451

    * more like a sandwich than a roll - delicious anyway

  4. Editrix says:

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    Extremely good to know — thanks for the tip!

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