Saartje’s bootee

Saarjte's Bootee No. 1My first FO in ages, a bootie for Sam and Grace’s new baby girl, finally came off the needles today. This was something like my fifth attempt at the simple pattern (Free PDF here), as I kept miscounting or dropping stitches halfway in.

Spending some time on the beta site Ravelry has inspired me to get back to knitting. I wish the site was able to handle more traffic and would allow members to invite others. It would be much more fun if Terri, Lla, Rebecca, Cathleen, and others were posting there, too.

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  1. Heather says:

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    Love those two-tone booties, they gray makes it look like a bumper!! Ravelry is fun but the unexpected result has been that I spend much less time knitting!

  2. Editrix says:

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    I know what you mean — though maybe (just maybe) the site will encourage me to catalog (and thereby organize) my stash!.

  3. LLA says:

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    One of the many joys I found in my inbox was the invite to join in the Ravelry fun. So I have. Yay! Of course, I’ve got absolutely nothing there, in progress, etc. But I’m excited to have a toe in the door, as it were. Plus, am hoping that it will inspire me to get cranking again. I vaguely seem to remember that I used to make stuff…

    Speaking of making stuff? LOVE the bootie - absolutely fab!

  4. Terri says:

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    I jumped over to Ravelry quickly and signed myself up!

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