The Art Beast in me

Saturday we met up with Terri and Ezra for this year’s beastly-themed Art Beat, the annual Somerville Arts Council extravaganza in Davis Square. It was a gorgeous day to sit in the park, eat Indian food, and listen to Hallelujah the Hills while working on my true Continental knitting style. We ran into Amy C., wandered around the square and therabouts while spooning tart Italian slush, perused the artists’ booths, bought baubles, and listened to all kinds of music.

My favorite band by far was B for Brontosaurus. It was the first time I’d seen them in many months, since Ben and Joanna had been touring about for a year. Somehow they manage to be adorable and sweet without crossing over into precious or ironic: like Jonathan Richman, whose influence can be heard in their songs and whose “New England” they cover like champs. I’m convinced that they are the Philippe of musicians.

When a toddler wandered up to the stage and grabbed the band’s inflatable dinosaur, Ben said, “That kid is awesome” and encouraged others to play with it, too.

I was pleased that they saved “Rut!” for last and glad to join the crowd in singing along.

My only regret of the day? Buying only one pair of earrings from Patricia Tecu’s Lobelia Designs, which was just beautiful and very reasonably priced. I assumed she’d have a website, or at least an Etsy shop, but no dice.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow. I grocery-shopped and pan-grilled a salmon fillet, served with a shallot-lemon-vermouth-pepper reduction, plus a luscious salad Caprese with very ripe tomatoes and basil, fresh mozzerella, cracked pepper and sea salt, and a faint drizzle of olive oil and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. I got some laundry done. Yah-hoo, and such.

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    […] we went to ArtBeast 2007 with Trixie and Mr. Villain and had a fabulous time and enjoyed some good bands, at least one new-to-me (Hallelujah The Hills). Editrix wrote it up better than I have time to right now. […]

  2. Pat Tecu says:

    Visit Pat Tecu

    Unfortunately I did not get into ArtBeat 2008, but I now have a website

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