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  • On Terri’s suggestion, I signed up for a Longstitch Journal bookbinding class in October. I’d also really wanted to take the Two-Needle Coptic Variation, because the heft and style of the finished product looks so beautiful and because Terri has taken a class with the instructor and says she’s really great. (Not to mention that “Two-Needle Coptic” sounds completely badass.) But we’ll be in Provincetown again that weekend for shmoop on the dunes, whalewatching, warm muffins on the patio, and intense Scrabble games.
  • For some reason I can’t explain, I convinced Jen to sign up for a twice-weekly Pilates class at work. Tonight was the first class, and it was good — a much-needed stress-release after wanting to stab several people in the face most of the day. I fully expect, however, that it will kick my rear six ways from sundown.
  • Been adoring Ravelry, especially as fellow yarn strumpets have started getting involved. Historically I haven’t spent a lot of time or energy photographing yarn purchases, so the stash-cataloging aspect is a bit drab where mine is concerned. But I love seeing others’ interpretations of designs I’ve attempted or dream of trying. The UI is downright sexy. And so far it’s just a super-nice community of creative people.
  • EnvirosaxA midyear resolution: to drastically cut the influx of plastic bags into our home. In the past we’ve tended to use them for cat litter disposal, but they have a way of multiplying even when we regularly haul mounds of them to the recycling bin at the market. I’ve been using canvas totes for shopping trips on the weekends, and I’ve even taken to throwing one or two into my satchel for unexpected purchases, but I was mad seduced by Envirosax (much touted by Not Martha and other life/style gurus). They are lightweight, waterproof, strong, stylish, and roll up all sleeping-bag style into a cunning little pouch perfect for throwing into my bag.

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  1. Heather says:

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    Thanks for the Envirosax tip. And I can so relate to the ‘wanting to stab coworkers in the face’ impulse.

  2. Terri says:

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    Those Envirosax look fab.

    Oh, and I never have taken a class with Kelly McMahon before, but I met her at the letterpress fair this year and she seems awesome.

    The Fall knitting magazines are starting to come flooding in… knit times are here again (or will be soon!).

  3. Sue says:

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    I have two canvas bags that I’ve been using for grocery shopping for, no kidding, over 7 years now. The things never wear out, even after lugging countless heavy cartons of rice milk and orange juice. I always keep at least one in the back seat of the car. So easy, I don’t understand why more people don’t do it…

  4. Paula says:

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    How’s the Pilates coming?

  5. 2fs says:

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    We have several bags: two canvas ones from our local food co-op, and a Trader Joe’s bag. The problem is remembering to fetch the damned things from the trunk/hatch area and bring them into the store!

    Also, I am a sick bastard: above, someone wrote the phrase “The Fall knitting magazines” and I immediately envisioned Mark E. Smith on the cover, with a couple of crochet needles and half-finished afghan. For his granny. Who plays the bongos.

  6. Editrix says:

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    Paula: I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed Pilates! The first course ended last week, but another is starting up the week after next. I’ve been practicing after bike rides just to be sure my muscles don’t get too lazy.

    Jeff: We had been using a few canvas bags from SXSW bags and a UIE conference for grocery shopping, but it’s all kinds of more convenient to keep a couple of eggroll-sized rolled-up Envirosax in my laptop bag, especially for the groceries and things I buy on my way home from work.

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